GTG Advent Tree 2013

Season’s Greetings!

The GTG Advent Tree 2013 – a daily treat from the GTG!

December 24th (click on the prezzies to view!)

December 24th: Westmalle Tripel - the Gold Standard
December 10th: Silver Lady - A Flight of Fancy
December 20th: The Original Rabbit Foot Spasm Band - Nancy Mitford Disco
December 18th: The Severed Limb - Cat Sick Boogie Chimay Bleu December 23rd: A heartening poem - 'twas the knight before beerfest
December 3rd - Ideal for Christmas: the Cool Beer Diet December 14th: Le Paradoxe de Waddon December 5th - The GTG Christmas Appeal: Pied Belges December 19th: Misty Miller - Lonesome Cowboy
December 21st: The Beer Trip - Saturday at the Kernel December 12th: Malphino - Sombrero de Panama December 13th: GTG Downtime Review Guide December 2nd: SweetnSour Swing - Rudolph Rag December 7th: StreetArt - Francisco de Pajaro
December 6th: The Romleys - Who's that Knockin' December 17th: Quantum Qorner - Space-Time Beneder December 15th: Tash and Beth - My Old Lover December 9th: Quantum Qorner - Drink Induced Time Dilation Effect December 8th: Here comes Trubbel! December 22nd: The GTG Five Pillars of Ethical Reporting
December 4th: Les Saules Pleureurs - Plastic Jesus December 11th: The Big One - Floris Garden Mojito