Christmas Appeal 2013: Pied Belges

Help the GTG improve someone’s life this Christmas

Pied Belges

(Belgian Foot)

Originally published GTG Dec 2011

A cruel debilitating disease associated with old Gits

Christmas is not just about presents and partying. It’s also about helping people less fortunate than yourself. Such as those who’ve drunk too much beer and eaten too much cheese
That’s why the GTG is once again sponsoring a cause close to our hearts: Pied Belges. First diagnosed in 1918 in the old Belgian town of Gits (when an epidemic debilitated the entire German General Staff, leading some say, to the collapse of the 2nd Spring Offensive and eventual German defeat), this tragic condition strikes down men in their prime

One day they are happily necking litres of Westmalle and gallons of cider with their mates. Then suddenly without warning they’re struck down, reduced to supping hot cocoa in front of an electric fire, a tartan blanket over their knees

But you can help!

Pledge Badge
Cut out and wear with pride!

What your donation could buy:

A mere £10 will buy a top-up for the sufferer’s mobile phone so that (nice mug of Cocoa in hand) he can monitor his drinking friends’ progress from afar via Skype or Facetime

A modest £100 will pay for a nurse to massage his swollen protrusion

A generous £1,000 will buy a life-changing amputation of the irksome limb(s), enabling the veteran to join future drinking excursions without any worries he might let the team down

All donations, whatever their size, earn a “No to Pied Belges” Pledge Badge! Wear it with pride!

So don’t delay, act now and help a Veteran Drinker today!

Send your donation in cash in a brown envelope to Editor’s Suite, floor 100, GTG Tower, Grey Town

(PS. if you can’t afford cash please send socks)