The GTG Five Pillars of Ethical Reporting

Ethically Sourced News – a First in the News Industry

We know some GTG readers might occasionally read other news sources and as a consequence might be concerned about the implications of the recent Leveson enquiry into press ethics

Rest assured! The GTG is at the vanguard of 21st Century journalism. The GTG is dedicated to researching, developing and reporting news that other publications have missed. News that’s news because you’ve never read it before!

That’s why we’ve established the Five Pillars of Ethical Reporting, setting a new paradigm in journalistic integrity

The GTG’s Five Pillars of Ethical Reporting:

1. Ethical Sources
The GTG undertakes to obtain at least 90% of its news content from ethical sources

2. Fairness
We undertake to pay the fairest prices to the local sources of news, not to profiteering middlemen

3. Purity
We promise to bring you only the freshest most wholesome stories, unadulterated by contamination from other media. To ensure this our contributors are strictly forbidden to watch, listen or read other news sources at home or abroad

4. Environment
To minimise any adverse impact on the environment, the GTG is committed to using the latest energy saving technologies including low carbon fonts and background colours, and to minimize waste by publishing articles that are of optimum length and free of unnecessary punctuation

5. Sustainability
In strict accordance with our Sustainability Policy we promise to plant two new stories for every article we publish

Through these bold initiatives the GTG hopes to ensure future generations will be able to continue to enjoy news content that’s compelling, wholesome and above all sustainable!

The GTG: Setting a New Paradigm in Ethical Reporting!