December 2010

In This Issue:
  • China Acquires Controlling Stake in Eurozone
  • Students Highlight Cost of Education
  • Britain Sells Last Frigate and Harrier Jets to Somali Pirates
  • Party Etiquette: Uplifting Yuletide Tale
  • Econofog: China Trapped
  • Quantum Qorner: Stuck in the Quantum Tunnel
  • Arts: Une parodie de la cupidité


Featured Image: Global Warming - The Verdict: We Love It!

August – November 2010

In This Issue:
  • Bumper Austerity Issue
  • Defence Cuts: its cheaper to lose wars
  • Smaller Homes for the Poor
  • Government List of Approved Jokes
  • Book Burning: the Environmental Issues
  • Quantum Qorner: Absinthe Induced Teleportation
  • Street Fighting Philosophers


Featured Image: Economic Outlook Brightens - There's Light At The End of the Tunnel!

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Seven Days : Seven Beers : Seven Reasons to Live

June – July 2010

In This Issue:
  • Coalition Government - Post Honeymoon Assessment
  • Austerity Britain - It's the '70s again!
  • Austerity Britain - A Handy Guide to the Budget
  • Gulf War III - The crisis abates
  • EU to Outlaw Financial Risk
  • Climight Change - BP Praised


Featured Image: Coalition Government Post Honeymoon Assessment - A picture paints a thousand words

April – May 2010 – Election Special

In This Issue:
  • Election Guide Lite
  • Greece Forced to Sell Parthenon
  • EU Demands Volcano Compensation
  • In Memoriam - Bacon Flu
  • Climight Change - Weight of Evidence


Featured Image: May-Day, London - Key Workers Want More

February – March 2010

In This Issue:
  • Recession Over - Country Bored with being Poor
  • Euro Zone Crisis - Greece faces Eviction
  • Airport Security - Transparent Clothing
  • Oil found under Thames - Argentina Claims Canvey Island
  • Plant Obesity blamed on excess CO2


Featured Image: Grey Town leads Britain out of recession

January 2010 (Late Edition)

In This Issue:
  • Tragedy in Grey Town - Stranded Bus Passengers Resort to Cannibalism
  • Surrey Town Buried in Salt
  • Polar Bears Migrate to the UK
  • Environmentalists Claim Grit is a Pollutant


Featured Image: Climight Change Hits Grey Town!

November – December 2009

In This Issue:
  • Copenhagen: Governments can't agree Weather Allocations
  • Moral-Offset Trading
  • Climate High Priest Accused
  • Quantum Qorner: Drink Induced Time-Dilation Effect
  • Ring Tones on Ice
  • Grey Town Castle


Featured Image: World Wonder No. 3 - Double Bacon & Egg Baguette

September – October 2009

In This Issue:
  • EU Circus Seeks New Chief Clown
  • 9 out of 10 Ministers Prefer Class B Scientists
  • Party Conferences Uplift - A Season of Hope
  • Vatican Launches Take-Over Bid for Anglican Church
  • Government Tackles Exam Grade Inflation
  • Beer Drinkers Recognised as an Ethnic Group


Featured Image: Beer Drinkers recognized as an Ethnic Group - Same Rights as Religious and Cultural Groups

July – August 2009

In This Issue:
  • Pay-As-You-Go Government
  • A-Level Grades Up, Spots Down
  • Alcohol Limits Revised Upwards
  • Russians Caught Selling Ice Caps
  • The Nose of York


Featured Image: World Wonder No. 1 - Westvleteren 12

June 2009

In This Issue:
  • Parliament Outsourced to India
  • Audit Shock: Third of MPs don't exist!
  • Kings of Pop spotted on Moon
  • Taliban Warlord Awarded £20 million Damages
  • Home Euthanasia System
  • Meat Me! Lonely Hearts Service


Featured Image: Environmentalists Force Landfill Site to Reopen - Activists want landfills designated World Heritage Sites

May 2009

In This Issue:
  • Bacon Flu Pandemic Linked to 24-Hour News
  • Government League Tables of Religions
  • Geordie Pirates Seize Somali Freighter
  • Battery Powered Wind Turbines
  • Condom Dispensers Installed at Bus Stops


Featured Image: Bacon Flu Pandemic Linked to 24-Hour News - Wearing Masks Futile: Public Advised to Turn off TV

April 2009

In This Issue:
  • UK Rebranded
  • G20 In Town
  • Obama considers Role in Government
  • Chav Twins Conceive Child in Womb
  • Scumbag Billionaire Sweeps Oscars
  • Sex and the Chippy


Featured Image: Chav Twins Conceive Child in Womb

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