Une parodie de la cupidité

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Une parodie de la cupidité (A Travesty of Greed)

Story of World Financial Crisis told in Silent Dance

Brave, edgy production by activist dance troupe ‘Pieds de la révolution IV’

Originally published GTG Dec 2010

Cliché...or Art?

Greyfield Halls, Sat Dec 18th:

A sell-out audience of 50 were privileged to to see the premier performance of this seminal work by the Toulouse-based arts group Pieds de la révolution IV

The production tells the story of the World Financial Crisis through the uniquely powerful media of silent dance and mime. Set at a blistering pace the production manages to squeeze the whole story into only 5 hours and 15 minutes

I found it both exhilarating and educational. A genuine ‘tours de force’

It’s the first part in their long-awaited trilogy “La vanité, l’automne, Retribution” (Vanity, Fall, Retribution) offering a contemporary critique of the failure of capitalism and a celebration the resurgence of active socialism in western Europe

The driving force behind the troupe is Chloe Von Stompinghammer. The wife of Film Noir legend Claude Bardot – who’s own career has seen a revival after last year’s critically acclaimed blockbuster ‘L’abîme d’espoir'(GTG May 2009) – and heiress scion of the Von Stompinghammer arms manufacturing dynasty, Chloe has fearlessly dedicated her life to socialist causes and collecting Picassos

For my money the show was worth seeing just for the 70 minute explanation of financial derivatives and quantitative easing in which the two female dancers, representing democracy and justice, performed simulated sexual acts on the men (dressed as 1920s gangsters representing inflation and liquidity) and the subsequent political lobbying sequence when the roles were reversed. Like many in the audience I’m sure, I came away with a much clearer understanding of how international financial markets and politics operate and what went wrong

I think the performance lost it’s way a little in the sequence on saving the Euro, when the four dancers simultaneously performed a variety of ethnic-European dances to random beats before seamlessly converging into a synchronized rendition of the Ride of the Valkyries. This seemed a little obvious for many in the audience and clearly off-message for enlightened followers of the European Ideal – the show’s natural audience – but Chloe isn’t one to pull punches and has to be commended for her integrity

The whole of the coalition cabinet should be made to watch this show, for not only will it educate them in the errors of their macro-economic policy, but it will also remind them of the essential role of art, especially dance, in society at a time when they are foolishly planning to cut all support to the sector

Une parodie de la cupidité

Running time:         5 hours 15 minutes
Where:                Greyfield Halls, Grey Town Central
Times:                daily 7pm (15 minute interval for herb tea and organic bran cakes on hour 3)
Greyscale Rating:     Ash

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