Environmentalists Hail Battery Powered Wind Turbines

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Environmentalists Hail Battery Powered Wind Turbines

New Technology Works in all Weather Conditions – Could be Key to World Salvation

Originally published GTG May 2009

Green Totem

Obscure place on Dutch coast, Tues 28th April:

Dutch scientists have demonstrated a new kind of Wind Turbine that addresses the main deficiency with conventional systems: namely that they don’t work when there’s no wind.

In this clever solution power is stored in vast underground batteries during windy weather, then when the wind drops ingenious technology seamlessly switches mode and the stored energy is used to power the turbines.

This supports 24 x 7 x 365 operation, whatever the weather. A spokesman from the European Institute of Renewable Promises, a Paris based Environmental Think-Tank, hailed the technology as a breakthrough and held it up as evidence of Europe’s commitment to a sustainable future.

EUCLIT ecstatic

The EU Directorate of Climate Theology (EUCLIT) which funded the research with a 500 million Euro grant indicated it now expects all EU members to adopt the technology, stating: “The most important thing is that we are seen to be doing something”. A new EU-wide tax will be introduced to finance the initiative.

Shares in French nuclear generators and Japanese battery manufacturers rose 30 points on the announcement.