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Beer drinkers to get the same Rights as religious and cultural groups

EU gets something right for once

Article originally published GTG Oct 2009 the GTG – ahead of the curve

You can taste the equality

Brussels, Sept 7th:

The European Union is to introduce legislation officially recognizing beer drinkers as an Ethnic Group

The decision was made by a group of influential MEPs as they participated in an intensive 3-day field study at the Brussels Beer Weekend

The move means that Beer Drinkers will have similar Workplace Rights to religious groups

Positive Action

The rules will put the onus on employers to actively ensure they and their employees do not in any way discriminate against Beer Drinkers. For example employers will be required to provide special rooms (known as ‘bars’)and regular conscience breaks from work (‘Happy Hours’) so that devotees can practice their faith

Employers must also respect events of special meaning to the group – such as Beer Festivals – and allow adequate leave for followers to attend

Some drinking groups are particularly strict and require their members to practice regular rituals such as ‘binge drinking’. Employers and fellow employees are obliged to treat these people with appropriate sensitivity the following day

Employment Discrimination

A spokesperson for the UK Ministry of Equality Enforcement (ME2) added “In the modern age it is no longer acceptable to discriminate against someone simply because they like to drink too much and so devoted Beer Drinkers are entitled to equal opportunities whatever their chosen career, be that airline pilot, ambulance driver, or Mullah”

Footnote: here at the GTG we think this has been a long time coming, but doesn’t go nearly far enough. What about wine and cocktail drinkers? We think they have rights too and we will campaign to ensure they are not forgotten!

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