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RAW & Elliot’s Natural Wine Burger Pop-up, Borough Market

First rate burgers and great wine without a fuss

Yes Please!

Borough Market Aug 2012:

Regular Downtime readers will know we don’t like to waffle on about ingredients or indulge in to much analytical hyperbole. We like products that simply hit the mark. Here is a great example..

RAW & Elliot’s Burger and Wine Pop-up is a to-the-point eatery located in a sheltered outdoor location across the street from Elliot’s cafe at Borough Market

The burgers are excellent and you don’t have to dither about choosing between different variants because they come in one standard form: perfection. It’s that simple!

If you can control yourself in the choice of wine then a decent meal can be had for £15 per head, but having started on the wine such frugality might be hard to maintain. There’s a choice of artisan wines (changing by the day) but if you’re lucky the very helpful Isabelle Legeron will be on hand to provide advice. We enjoyed a bottle of La Valiere Languedoc. And then we enjoyed a glass or two more. Oh, and some cider.. be sure to try that too, if you get the chance!

Verdict: catch it while you can!

RAW & Elliot’s Natural Wine Burger Pop-up, 12 Stoney Street, Borough Market SE1 9AD
Until August 12th, 6pm to midnight. Closed Mondays.

Greyscale Rating: Platinum

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