Weight of Evidence Says Yes

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Weight of Evidence Says Yes

It Official: Pro-Warming Publications far outweigh skeptical works

Decision on PDF weight tipped the balance

Skeptics unhappy that most blogs are not counted

Climate Change Industry breathes a sigh of relief

Originally published GTG May 2010

Dead Weight

Westminster April 14th:

In the wake of the kerfuffle over some leaked climate-science emails a British Parliamentary Committee has concluded that despite some recent doubts about the quality of the empirical evidence (not least the weather – Ed) the overall bulk of published evidence supports the case for Global Warming.

This is based on an exhaustive study of all official scientific publications, the media in general, websites and the personal blogs of leading A-list Rock Stars. And the BBC.

At the last count, articles and reprints repeating and promoting a pro-warming stance still outnumbered those taking skeptical views by two to one, proving a consensus that global warming is a fact.

For the purpose of weighing the evidence the committee treated unprinted copies of PDFs as being the equivalent of a single sheet of 80g A4 paper. It believed this tipped the balance in favor of the warmists, because being more concerned about the environment their readers tended not to print them out before reading.

It was also decided that reprints and quotations from previous reports were equally valid and should be included in the total. After some debate it was decided that television documentaries (whether viewed on TV, iPlayer, or YouTube) should be counted as the weight of a DVD rather than a VHS tape, multiplied by the the official audience figures.

Controversially the committee refused to attribute any weight to blogs published by anybody other than A-list celebrities and politicians. The committee explained this was because HTML is notoriously difficult to weigh (they have a point – have you ever tried printing it? Ed) but it was felt the views of well-placed important people were too important to ignore so their work was printed out, weighed and multiplied by the stars’ net-worth.

The committee had decided to count dead Polar Bears as evidence of warming at 200Kg each. But in practice although (rather like pigeons) polar bears are always popping up next to you, you never see a dead one, so none were counted.

In summing up a committee spokesman announced “the evidence has been reported and accepted by a majority of the world’s media, politicians and celebrities, putting its conclusions beyond reproach. This is not about science: its about the future of the planet.”

Stocks in leading windmill manufacturers rose 20% on the day.

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