Riots Fallout

Report: Kids Concerned about the Recession

They’re worried that their victims won’t be able to afford cool stuff for them to steal

But they do expect you to pay!

Grey Town, Nov 14th

100 days after the summer riots (Grey Town Blitz, GTG Aug)an official enquiry has concluded that the primary cause of the unrest was a sense of despair amongst Britain’s disaffected youth about the state of the economy and the effect that the bleak macro-economic outlook might have upon their career prospects

It’s deprivation, innit
Apparently the kids were concerned that the adult working population might soon no longer be able to afford any cool bling for them to nick, which would leave a whole generation of gangsta wannabes with no street cred whatsoever

This left the poor mites with no choice but to go out and grab stuff before it all ran out