Raising the bar: Stacey dates a Nerd

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Raising the bar: Stacey dates a Nerd

Originally published GTG Nov 2010

Ride me!

Flat above The Battered Pikey, Wed Nov 10th:

Bleedin ell what a week. I got myself a clever geezer and some weird work with Mr B

Met this cute techie guy called Neville when he came to install my new Sky Box. Well he couldnt get no channels to work but he was real brainy and said it must be because of static or something coming off my new ASDA dress so e said I ought to take it off. Just to be sure, like. So I did. Then he did some more tweaking and the picture woz better. But he’s a real perfectionist and said it still woznt right. He said I should take everything off! Well, I want my TV to work don’t I? So I did. Then he did some special tweakin of my box. The picture’s great, but my heads a bit fuzzy!

He’s so clever. After he’d got me sorted he showed me how he could make a movie on his phone and play it on the telly! So we did!

He’s a real gent too, cos when we woz dun he bought me chips and we went for a few drinks at the Chav n’Pikey. It was so romantic, I wanted it go one all night but Neville said he ad to stop at 5 pints cos e woz drivin. Clever and conscientious! Well I used my charms and persuaded him to take me up the Back Passage on the way home. I love it there. They do a great Vindaloo

Oh, yea, I nearly forgot. That job with Mr B. Its real strange but he gave me some cash and asked me to hire some bikes and take em down the the scrap yard. At first I thought e was talkin about Tracy and Colleen and I said he didnt need to pay them, but e was talkin about those bloody bikes you peddle – you know, like posh ponces do. Well the money woz good so I dun it for him. Mind you, the saddles rubbed me raw, and thats sayin somethin for me!

See ya!
Stace 😉