Plant Obesity Blamed on Excess CO2

Obese Britain: Enviro-mental Special Report

Plant Obesity Blamed on Excess CO2

Plant Growth explodes as CO2 increases

Sedentary Lifestyle doesn’t Help

Tree doctors warn of imminent crisis

Originally published GTG March 2010

I'm not fat! I have big bones!

Coulsdon, Tues Feb 2nd:

A report from the influential Coulsdon Institute of Economic and Environmental Affairs has highlighted the link between atmospheric CO2 levels and increasing incidences of plant obesity.

Plants really like CO2. For them it is an essential part of a balanced diet. Unfortunately the instincts that were so important during plants’ early development and helped them survive in times of famine are now working against them. They gobble up the CO2 and as a result they just keep growing.

It doesn’t help that most plants, especially trees, lead a pretty sedentary lifestyle and have little opportunity to burn-off the excess nutrients.

Tree doctors are warning that without immediate action plant size will get out of control, leading to all sorts of potential health issues.

The government says it will reduce Britain’s CO2 emissions by continuing its successful strategy of cutting back economic growth.

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