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Think Tank: ‘adults should only be allowed to drink when accompanied by children’

New report addresses issue of middle aged, middle class drinkers

Adults not mature enough to drink on their own

Article originally published in GTG April 2011 – The GTG: years ahead of the curve!

While the kids are away...

While the kids are away...

Grey Town Thurs Mar 31:
Influential think tank the Coulsdon Institute of Economic and Environmental Affairs has published a report recommending that legislation should be introduced banning adults from drinking alcohol unless accompanied by children

The conclusion was drawn after a survey showing the fastest growing group of binge drinkers are affluent professionals aged 35 – 60 who like nothing better than to have a couple of pints on the way home from work and then a bottle or two of wine with dinner (and that’s just the women)

The survey also revealed that adults are more likely to drink moderately when accompanied by children, who tend to keep the adults in line

A spokesmen for the government said they welcomed the report and that ministers would study its contents as soon as they get back from the pub

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