Greece Forced to Sell Parthenon

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Greece Forced to Sell Parthenon

IMF Demanded Asset Sales as Condition of Loan

Classical Icon to form Central Attraction at Basildon Theme Park

Article originally published in GTG May 2010 – The GTG: 2 years ahead of the curve!


Athens, Thurs April 28th:

The IMF has forced Greece into a fire-sale of assets as one of the conditions for providing the country with emergency funding.

Consequently the nation is disposing of some surplus historical assets, most prominent being the Parthenon.

The monument has in any case become something of an embarrassment to the Greek government in recent years, having been a target of a campaign to relocate it to the British Museum where it can be displayed in its rightful place alongside the Elgin Marbles.


The monument, which is in the process of being dismantled, has been snapped-up by Basildon Council for a reputed £2.5m after an intense bidding session against the British Museum and a Swindon-based paint-ball operator.

The bulk of the building (around 80%) is in the process of being crated-up for shipment to Essex where a glamorous future awaits as the centerpiece (and cafe) of the new ‘Basilwood’ theme park. The park, being built alongside the A127, is expected to eclipse lesser attractions in Paris and Orlando and it scheduled to open in June, just in time for Britain’s rainy season.

The remaining 20% of the building will be auctioned on eBay to help cover transport costs.

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