Drink for Britain

A Public Service Announcement

Attention Beer Drinkers!

Your Country Needs You!

Help Boost Public Finances:

Visit The

Great British Beer Festival!

For the 3rd year running the GTG is proud to back the Government’s ‘Drink for Britain’ campaign. The UK’s Public Finances are under a bit of strain at the moment. That’s why its vital that every citizen does his or her bit to help the nation’s finances. And in this special year we’re glad to see the event is returning to appropriate!

What better way to help than with direct action? Head to the GBBF at Olympia on August 7th to 11th and get stuck in. Every pint you drink will contribute vital funds to the Exchequer

And remember: when helping the nation too much is never enough!

The GTG staff will be participating in this important fund raising event. And we’ll be publishing a full review in our next issue (providing we can remember what happened). If you would like to sponsor us please send cash c/o The Editor, GTG, Grey Town

GBBF 2012: Olympia August 7th – 11th
For event details visit: GBBF

P.S. when there be sure to try a Cornish pasty (and make sure its a short-crust, sealed-at-the-top variety). You won’t regret it

Appeal published in conjunction with ‘Drink For Britain’ and HM Customs and Excise

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