or, Desert Democracy: a prophesy

by D4

Former poet-in-residence at the GTG*

Originally published in GTG April 2011**

Democrats dream, drastic decision desired

Daring D-Day dawns, determined Dare-Devil Democrats denounce despised Dictator

Delusional Demonic Desert Despot defies daily democratic demonstrations, demands Demonstrators disband

Disgraced Diplomatic Doves drop dubious defence deals, disown Dictator

Despot debars descent, disparages democracies, defends Dominion

Delinquent ‘Dirty Dozen’ Dogs do Dictator’s dirty deeds: defile Devotees; destroy dwellings

Disapproving Diplomats deplore deaths, demand Dictator desist

Desperate Dictator’s demonic daily decrees, diarrhea diatribes

Duplicitous Democracies destroy Despot’s defences

Defeated dethroned Dictator departs Domain

Delicate Democracy declared!

Dark days dead…?

Decisive devolution discussed

Deluded Democrats, Dippy Doves, Dubious Deity Devotees, Domineering Delinquents debate disparate designs

Denying differences, drafts discussed, demarcations determined, domains defined

Despite doubts doting Diplomats declare dubious dumbed-down deal

Divisive debate delivers dog’s dinner democracy

Disorder deferred, darkness delayed…

Deluded dawn darkens, dud democracy dying

Debate discarded, dissent debarred, dogmatic disagreements daily

Devious dynastic Despot-Designate drafts dangerous designs, disparages Democrats, debunks democracies

Disingenuous deal deconstructs democratic dream

Darkness deepens

Democracy dissolves

Despondent democratic Disciples declare defeat

Dream destroyed



* Having recovered from a bout of depression triggered by his failure to qualify for X-Factor, D4 has rediscovered his inner-self and has left Grey Town on a mission to establish a free-love commune in Katmandu

** Fans of D4 please don’t be alarmed: gratuitous capital Ds in the original version of the poem have been changed to lower case by the site-moderator. We apologise for this artistic vandalism which was necessary for us to comply with strict new EU rules on acceptable online content. We continue to fight this intrusive assault on artistic freedom and will revert to the original, pure, ‘capital-leading-D-only’ form if and when the legislation is repealed. Well, that’s what we’re telling D4