Light Speed Sensation: New Evidence

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New Evidence Supports Opera Results

Speed of Light can be exceeded!

Cash flowing from Italy to Switzerland so fast it arrives before it’s left

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London Nov 14th:
Back in September Scientists working at the Opera collaboration stunned the world when they announced that they might have observed neutrinos traveling faster than the speed of light

The particles had been transmitted from CERN near Geneva to a detector at Gran Sasso in Italy and appeared to have arrived sooner than was possible

The scientists asked their peers to assist in proving or disproving the results

But before any new experiments could even get off the ground the findings have been corroborated by a most unlikely source

In a bizarrely symmetrical scenario, international bankers have shown electrons can pass in the opposite direction – from Italy to Switzerland – at several times the speed of light: bank wire transfers from Italy to Zurich have been observed to arrive before they were even sent!

Initially observers were skeptical and wrote off the findings as merely a spurious side-effect of yet another unfathomably exotic financial instrument, but having checked the relevant wire transfers independent auditors have confirmed that money can indeed travel faster than light

Beam me up Scotty! (oh, and give me fifty million euro cash-back while you’re at it!)

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