2012 Latest: VIP Benches Installed at Grey Town East

Town’s 2012 preparations ahead of schedule

VIP benches installed at Grey Town East Station

Article originally published in GTG Dec 2011

VIPs only

Grey Town East Station, Dec 15th:
Preparations for the 2012 Olympics are continuing apace, with the latest exciting infrastructure developments being right here in Grey Town! New VIP benches have been installed at Grey Town East station a full 6 months ahead of schedule!

Costing £4,000 each, the ultra modern Swiss manufactured benches are made to the highest standards in surgical grade stainless steel coated with an exclusive platinum-plated finish. The unique design was commissioned after extensive consultation with the IOC

The benches, for the exclusive use of IOC officials and their families, pets and servants, will be screened off by protective fencing until the week before the commencement of the games

During the games the platform itself will of course be closed to members of the public

Grey Town Olympic Committee has issued an apology to regular commuters for any inconvenience caused, but assures the public that the benches will be removed, freeing up valuable platform space, just as soon as the games are over