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GTG Downtime-Extra! – WDT Triathlon Countdown 2011

Downtime - The GTG Lifestyle Issues
Arts - Reviews - Food - Drink - Lifestyle

WDT Amsterdam-Bruges-Brussels Triathlon 2011

Taster Reviews in anticipation of the European Tour 2011

Seven Days : Seven Beers : Seven Reasons to Live

May – August 2011

In This Issue:
  • How do you spell scumbag? Class of 2011 fails Citizenship Test
  • Economic Crisis - Piped Dreams
  • Public Sector Unions Support Cuts
  • Hacking Row - Tail End Charlies
  • Econofog: How to Save the Euro - Evict Germany
  • Quantum Qorner - Space-Time Bender
  • Shock Report - 10 out of 10 people will die of something


Featured Image: Reeves Corner, twinned with Dresden

January – April 2011

In this Issue:
  • Spring Fever - The Battle of Piccadilly Newsreel
  • Despot Challenge - World Tour Latest
  • AV Referendum - a GTG Rough Guide
  • Meltdown - Chain Reaction of Hyperbole
  • EU Coastal Towns - 'Tsunami Stress Test'
  • D-4-Despot - Desert Democracy..a Poetic Prophesy
  • Downtime Review - Lowlander Grand Cafe


Featured Image: Riot Policing Shock - London burns while Police queue for iPad 2s

December 2010

In This Issue:
  • China Acquires Controlling Stake in Eurozone
  • Students Highlight Cost of Education
  • Britain Sells Last Frigate and Harrier Jets to Somali Pirates
  • Party Etiquette: Uplifting Yuletide Tale
  • Econofog: China Trapped
  • Quantum Qorner: Stuck in the Quantum Tunnel
  • Arts: Une parodie de la cupidité


Featured Image: Global Warming - The Verdict: We Love It!

August – November 2010

In This Issue:
  • Bumper Austerity Issue
  • Defence Cuts: its cheaper to lose wars
  • Smaller Homes for the Poor
  • Government List of Approved Jokes
  • Book Burning: the Environmental Issues
  • Quantum Qorner: Absinthe Induced Teleportation
  • Street Fighting Philosophers


Featured Image: Economic Outlook Brightens - There's Light At The End of the Tunnel!

GTG Extra! : Brussels Countdown 2010

Downtime - The GTG Lifestyle Issues
Arts - Reviews - Food - Drink - Lifestyle

Taster Reviews in anticipation of the European Tour 2010

Seven Days : Seven Beers : Seven Reasons to Live

June – July 2010

In This Issue:
  • Coalition Government - Post Honeymoon Assessment
  • Austerity Britain - It's the '70s again!
  • Austerity Britain - A Handy Guide to the Budget
  • Gulf War III - The crisis abates
  • EU to Outlaw Financial Risk
  • Climight Change - BP Praised


Featured Image: Coalition Government Post Honeymoon Assessment - A picture paints a thousand words

April – May 2010 – Election Special

In This Issue:
  • Election Guide Lite
  • Greece Forced to Sell Parthenon
  • EU Demands Volcano Compensation
  • In Memoriam - Bacon Flu
  • Climight Change - Weight of Evidence


Featured Image: May-Day, London - Key Workers Want More

February – March 2010

In This Issue:
  • Recession Over - Country Bored with being Poor
  • Euro Zone Crisis - Greece faces Eviction
  • Airport Security - Transparent Clothing
  • Oil found under Thames - Argentina Claims Canvey Island
  • Plant Obesity blamed on excess CO2


Featured Image: Grey Town leads Britain out of recession

January 2010 (Late Edition)

In This Issue:
  • Tragedy in Grey Town - Stranded Bus Passengers Resort to Cannibalism
  • Surrey Town Buried in Salt
  • Polar Bears Migrate to the UK
  • Environmentalists Claim Grit is a Pollutant


Featured Image: Climight Change Hits Grey Town!

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